5 comments on “The zombie apocalypse is here! Or why everyone is so obsessed with zombies.

  1. Its so true! Zombies are EVERYWHERE. Frankly I think its stupid, and a little over done. No, its way way over done.

    • I would agree that it’s overdone at this point as well. In fact, I think it was over done around the time Pride and Prejudice and Zombies came out. There are still good zombie related stories coming out (I’m looking forward to Rec 3) but like everything else, anything to excess tends to lose its shine. Once the producers of media begin to catch on that the public interest in zombies is waning, we’ll see them fade out a bit. And hopefully they’ll take vampires and werewolves with them.

  2. I can freely admit to the over saturation of zombie properties in current pop culture but I don’t care. I am a giant zombie nerd and think the more zombies the better especially if the majority are quality products.

    • Nice to have you as part of the shambling horde of zombie lovers. My only issue with zombies being everywhere is that it tends to lose its power after a while and things get derivative. I don’t want people just following formula. I want something bold that will scare the hell out of me. That is why I think zombies need to go underground for a while. Zombies will never totally disappear now. They are too entrenched in cultural consciousness. But they can step out of the spotlight a bit where independent thinkers can create all new ways to make us fear them all over again.

  3. Hi, as long as the Zombie staring in my window doesn’t eat me, I’m fine with it! Great blog, very well done! Thank you for the like and follow! Keep writing!

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