4 comments on “Dream on. Using dreams in fiction.

  1. Read Jayne Anne Phillips – Lark and Termite. Best dream book I’ve ever read to date. And all of her books do a great job incorporating dream sequence and memory as dreams.

    • Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I will definitely look this book up. I know that Christopher Nolan really brought dreams to the forefront recently but I never felt like I was viewing a dream in that film. It was simply too logical. Like if dreams were a icecream sundae, where the cherry is conscious awareness and dreams are that melted mix of everything that collects at the bottom of the bowl, I’d say Inception was at the level of the whipped cream. It is very difficult to really do dreams right so if this is an author who can pull it off then that is someone who’s going to have a place in my library. Thanks again for the suggestion and for commenting.

  2. I’m enjoying reading your blog, but I wish you would consider changing the black format. I can barely read it, and it’s very tiring to look at. I know a lot of thought goes into creating a special look, but honestly, when I look at this page, it is so dense with text and so hard for me to see I almost want to just leave. That said, I did find the content interesting and worth sticking around for. I hope you will take this suggestion as meant to be helpful, not a harsh criticism.

    • Hi Lynne. Thanks for stopping by and no, I didn’t take this as harsh at all. I appreciate the input and will look for alternatives so as to make the site more pleasant to read. When I was messing around with backgrounds before, I had a post asking readers’ opinions but then figured I had found a happy medium between atmosphere and functionality but I guess there needs to be a bit more fine tuning. I’m happy you like the content and hopefully I can find an aesthetic that will make it easier to enjoy what the blog offers.

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