2 comments on “Writing for someone or writing for yourself.

  1. I find this all very intresting, but I have one tiny little niggle. “be zen”? I think this is a very naive view of writing. Yes it is important that a writer does not loose their voice, and that they write for themselves somewhat, but as a proffessional writer, you choose to risk almost everything on what you can create.
    Some of the best advice I was given, and this was handed to me by a published writer in good standing, and creative writing lecturer:

    To be a successful novelist you need to realise that you must write 1,000, 2,000 words every day, and still being willing to throw away four days worth of work if you realise that it is utter rubbish.

    (I paraphrased, my memory does not serve me with his exact wording so I shall not attempt to quote)

    My point? The attitude you express may allow you to write someone that you love, the question is, will you be happy with that achievement if your goal is not be a writer, not just write a book.

    (I know I sound harsh, and I am incredibly sorry. The phrase “be zen” riles me beyond all compare though. Tranquility and I have never seen eye to eye -.-)

    • We all have phrases and words that irk us. One of my personal red-alert words is “kitschy.” I don’t know why but that word tends to bug me. But onto the main topic. That is very good advice and you beat me to the punch as I was going to cover editing in a future article. I am stopping myself before I start spouting my thoughts on the subject. I agree that you must be willing to make yourself vulnerable if you are going to get on with writing and getting published. Also one can’t finish a rough draft then send it expecting acclaim. As Hemingway said: “The first draft of anything is shit.” But that is part of writing too. Learning to accept and see the flaws in your own writing then doing something about them to improve the work. However, when angst prevents one from writing, from even getting to a completed rough draft, one has to find a way to get beyond that limitation. So by being Zen (had to use the term again) one simply exists in the moment and tries not to think about the process of editing and getting published that lies ahead. All things in good time. When you’re writing, you ought to be writing, not worrying about a future that isn’t there yet.
      Thanks for the comment and I hope you’ll stay tuned till I get my article about editing up. I’d look forward to seeing what your thoughts on the matter would be.

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