4 comments on “What I’m working on now.

  1. do you write for magazines for your living? I imagine that would be very stressful. I love to write, and I find the revision process as liberating as it is stifiling, since it hurts to delete all the words you struggled for just the right nuance. Still, i don’t know if i could do it professionally.

    I think you may be right about doing something new to help end your writer’s block, but even if that doesnt help, even if you’re staring at the same four walls, try standing on your head or looking at something simple in a different way. for instance, if one of your characters has blonde hair, decide maybe they weren’t born blonde, maybe they used to have brown hair but because they had cancer and lost it all during chemo, when they went into remission and their hair grew back, it came in blonde. this back story never has to go into the story you’re writing, but it gives the character this whole new depth and perspective into what they are experiencing at the moment. how then would your blonde-haired character handle the conflict at hand?

    I don’t know if my advice is presumptuous or helpful, but happy writing, and may the road rise to meet you.

    • Hi thanks for commenting. I think that is really great advice and I have to say I haven’t looked at it that way before. I think that bit of advice will be of great help to me in the future and particularly for this story I’m working on. I don’t support myself by my writing yet. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I’d consider myself a novice still. I’m still trying to develop my skills and become a better writer. This is kind of the point of the blog: taking all of you along as I learn so that hopefully other novice writers can have an easier time of navigating these waters. The main goal is to eventually get to the point where I can support myself by writing alone. The only way to get there though is to keep practicing. Thanks again for the very insightful tip.

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