4 comments on “The internet vs. creativity.

  1. Uggghhh I cannot express how much I agree with you! Your post reminded me of a comic I saw the other day that depicted standing on one side of a very large pit labelled “the internet” and on the other side of the pit was a sign that read “life goals.”

    I do feel that the internet can still be used as a means to inspire creativity. It has value when it comes to enhancing a person’s creative ability… but I guess the distraction part can be a bit hard to overcome, hehe.

    • I think that’s a great visual metaphor. It certainly feels sometimes like the internet is this sucking, hungry abyss that just devours my time. I don’t mean to come out sounding like a Luddite; the internet is a very useful tool and, if used well, can be helpful for creativity. It’s just that a lot of times, it’s just a very elaborate distraction and that’s not something that will help someone develop the skills of thinking in a certain way that is necessary to be creative.

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