2 comments on “A response to Phillip Zimbardo’s attack on video games.

  1. Thank you for putting that perspective on it. My two sons really enjoying playing their xbox 360 live. I do make sure they get out and play outside too. As far as women playing, I have tried and either need a lot more practice, so I don’t embarrass anyone, or leave up to the people with hand-eye coordination. Great work! Well thought-out article. I would like to see it get some public attention. The media is very quick to point out the nay-sayers, so the opposite perspective would be nice too.

    • Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Actually your comment brings up something else that practically no one ever talks about and that is the role of the parent. You set limits for your kids so they don’t develop any kind of addiction. This is important since kids don’t yet have the frontal lobe power to tear themselves away from a rewarding or pleasurable experience. Children can safely enjoy games in moderation if the parent is involved and simply sets limits. Same goes for mature content in games. Kids aren’t going to turn into little Ted Bundies just because of games but if a parent is concerned s/he can just make sure the child knows the different between fantasy and the real world and its real consequences. Most of the potential problems that are proposed are easily solved by common sense.

      But keep on gaming! It all comes down to practice and neural circuitry. Video games actually do strengthen the neurons of the motor strip making you more coordinated and better at reacting. One more reason video games are a positive thing. This article (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120426114341.htm) has some science to back this claim up. I guess Zimbardo forgot about this research when he wrote his article. Go figure.

      Thanks again for the feedback and I hope that this message does reach more people since video and computer games can be such a fascinating and exciting medium.

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