3 comments on “Nice to meet you: The story begins.

  1. I like your look at creating characters. However, I generally put less thought into my characters. Usually, it’s easier for me to come up with an idea and just start writing. My characters form themselves, and tend to end up like a friend or relative of mine, or at least someone I know. So far, I’ve only agonized over one character. She was the main character of a novel I was writing. Her name was Nikki, and she was complicated, moody, and ever chainging. The story was about her life and the murder of her father, how it impacted her, and how she exacted her revenge in the end. She was a troubled character, and I was never quite able to figure her out. I think that’s probably why that novel is still chilling in the memory of my computer instead of sitting on an editor’s desk in manuscript form.

    Any way, I just wanted to offer my thoughts on characters and character development. I look forward to reading more from you. Our blogs seem similar in theme, maybe we can bounce ideas off each other.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment and telling me about your creative process. It sounds very fluid and organic and a great way to keep the writing process exciting. Plus I’m sure the characters benefit from the spontaneity such a method allows for. Not only that but it’s a good thing you can keep yourself from completely over thinking them. I should probably learn that trick.

      I think it’s a great idea to get a dialogue going. It’s always great to share ideas with a fellow writer.

      • Absolutely, it’s great to talk with other writers. I don’t know any that live near me, so online is about the only place I can do that. I like your blog, and how open and honest you are about your writing process. Its honestly a little strange to me, but that’s only because I have my ways of doing things and that’s all I know. It’s great to get a little perspective on things. I look forward to talking with you some more and reading some of your work. Keep writing. =]

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